Second Stories Intern To Work with MAXaction

The last couple weeks have been fun and challenging. East Portland neighbor, MAXaction participant, and Rosewood Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative board member, Jerome Funchess and I have been hard at work to follow up on Jerome’s desire to put his skills and abilities into gear in even greater support for MAXaction.

 Second Stories and MAXaction partnered last summer to do graffiti and trash cleanups. Jerome will participate in a course of study as he supports such events this summer. He will also help follow up on our recent survey and help move forward the TriMet adopt-a-station pilot project.

If you scroll down a couple posts, you will see Jerome’s picture that was taken at the East Portland Neighborhood Office as he and I worked to enter survey data. Jerome’s enthusiasm, degree in planning, great people skills, and desire to leave the community better than he found it all tell me that we are in for a great summer!

Jerome is second from the left sharing a thought during a recent Asset Based Community Development Strategies Workshop facilitated by Second Stories staff.

Just so you know, Second Stories is working to help Jerome raise personal support for this six month position. He is not in a position to be able to do a free internship. You are welcome to offer support via


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