Action – Bus Riders Unite

While MAXaction is focused on developing the MAX as a community asset in East Portland, there are others working for broader change. OPAL (Organizing People, Activating Leaders) works on environmental justice issues and started Bus Riders Unite to address issues regarding regional mass transit. We support the campaign to extend transfer times and other improvements to bus service. Learn more at:

Here’s a couple meetings you can attend to help the effort:

OPAL’s next Bus Riders Unite Membership Meeting: Tuesday, June 12th, 5:30-8 PM at the OPAL office, 2407 SE 49th Avenue. This is a true “Call to Arms” for transit riders – we will be going over final strategy and plans for the following morning’s TriMet Board meeting, including developing testimony, making targeted phone calls and rallying bus riders.

TriMet Board of Directors meeting: Wednesday, June 13th, 9 AM at the former Advantis Credit Union building (new location) at 3717 SE 17th Ave (off bus line 17). This meeting is a MUST if you ride transit and want to keep fares affordable and service moving, so put this on your calendars now and let OPAL know we can count on you to be there: 503.928.4354


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