Theresa Thucker

Friends of MAXaction. It’s with a heavy heart that I share this with you. I have been told that Theresa Tucker passed away in her sleep Wednesday. Theresa was an amazing volunteer!

Theresa (in red) started volunteering with MAXaction after our Townhall Work Session November of 2010. That’s the setting for this and the photo below. At the time I barely had an inkling of the wonderful person she was.

Theresa and I recently completed a comparison of the two latest drafts of the adopt-a-station program guiding document. Just Friday I was at her apartment after our MAXaction meeting dropping off books and Christmas decorations she had selected while volunteering at a Rosewood rummage sale.

Theresa was so generous with her time. Here she is seated at the table supporting a  MAXaction cleanup by making sure other volunteers were well equipped with golves, bags, litter pickers, vests, and more.

I want to extend to the family and friends of Theresa from MAXaction and myself a thank you for sharing Theresa while she was with us and our sympathies for the loss.

We will work to share with MAXaction participants plans for a celebration of Theresa’s life.


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