Meeting 6:30pm Tonight

Join us at Faith Community Church (124th and Burnside, south of the tracks, just east of the Menlo MAX Station and Park & Ride).  It’s wonderful that they are donating space so close to one of our stations! Thank you Pastor Bob!


Theresa Tucker reviewing survey sheets filled out at the Menlo MAX Station

e’ve got a fun meeting lined up focused on the Adopt-a-Station guiding document. Theresa and I have made it through the most recent draft  submitted by TriMet and I’m happy to report that there is some good agreement between that draft and the last one we submitted. We’ll discuss some of the differences and work to achieve consensus on how to respond. Then, we’ll discuss what is missing from the document (volunteer recongnition/reward and progress measurements) and get suggestions as to our next steps for crafting suggested language.

Both sections just mentioned are items that Jefferson Smith has been consistantly requesting as he feels they are critical to maintaining a vibrant program that will maintain a healthy number of participating volunteers.

Our work is leading to a FIRST EVER program that has community members conducting approved activities in partnership with TriMet on MAX platforms and other TriMet property. All the work we’ve done so far and will do yet are worth it to get started on the right foot. Both TriMet and neighbors want the stations to feel safer and more welcoming and we are working together to make that a reality.

Thanks for your help!


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