How Do MAX Stations Play a Role in Your Life?

This thought was behind the questions we used to survey the community at three MAX Station last week: Menlo (122nd), Glenfair (148th), and Rosewood (162nd). If you took a survey sheet, but had to catch a train/bus before you could get us your responses, please comment on this post with your thoughts.

Beyond any responses to the above invitation we are well into Phase 3 of this listening project. If you consider planning Phase 1, survey Phase 2, recording data Phase 3, deciding actions to take Phase 4, and taking action Phase 5, then we are SMACK in the middle of the process. Each phase is about building relationships and growing relationships between folks interested in supporting MAX station adopt-a-stop groups.

Phase 1 and 2 are good. We’ve had excellent participation in the planning and surveying. Last week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we gathered a total of 471 survey responses – 281 of those came with contact information!




So now, we are getting the information collected entered into a spreadsheet and we will begin figuring out how to follow up. Comment here and let us know if you’d like to help!




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