New Co-Chair – Progress on Adopt-a-Station Program Development

Here’s the latest batch of news:

We restarted our Adopt-a-Station program development work January 19th. CELEBRATE! The large majority of edits we suggested for the first two pages of the “guiding document” were incorporated into the document and the task of suggesting edits for the rest of the document set.

NEW CO-CHAIR: Jan. 20 MAXaction met, worked on edits to the document, and welcomed the nomination and start of service for our new CO-CHAIR, Doug Bernick! Thank you Doug for stepping up. And, everyone please express your thanks to Tom Barnes for all his great work with MAXaction. Tom, thank you! I’m glad you are still staying connected as you are able.

Doug will be supporting Kim Breckel as she gives testimony to CITY COUNCIL at their February 9th meeting. Kim is one of many East Portland Action Plan participants that will be reporting to council on all the great work happening via EPAP.

After connecting with more MAXaction participants, I’ve sent Shelly Lomax of TriMet, Katherine Anderson of Crime Prevention, and Jefferson Smith a highly edited version of the adopt-a-station “guiding document”. This is still a work in progress, so not a public document yet. We have come a long way in honing our understanding of what this program will look like, but still have work to do. We would love to connect with you and get your feedback. Comment on this post and let us know of your interest.


Mike Vander Veen, Co-Chair, MAXaction


One response to “New Co-Chair – Progress on Adopt-a-Station Program Development

  1. congrats Doug. You have been a real asset to the program and I am glad you will be able to take some of the load off Kim.

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