6pm Meeting Friday to Discuss TriMet’s Adopt-a-Station Pilot Project

Hope you can join us at our regular meeting: 6pm on the third Friday of the month at Lifegate Baptist Church (208 SE 148th, just south of the 148th Avenue Station).
Last month’s meeting at the TriMet Admin Building (the second Adopt-a-Station conversation) included community members and partners looking at starting adopt-a-station groups at the Menlo Park (122nd) Station, 148th Avenue Station, and the 162nd Avenue Station. It was an open, free flowing conversation that alomost everyone in the room participated in including mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith.
We are building relationship (community, TriMet, law enforcement) and working together to understand what  a successful adopt-a-station group would look and feel like and how can partners best support such a group. Everyone present (22 folks) committed to continued work on this pilot project.
At the end of the meeting a first draft of a support document was distributed by Shelly Lomax. Our meeting Friday will focus on shaping a response to this document. This will be the first community input which is not ideal, but our institutional partners are realizing this and want to be good partners. Come join us in developing our MAX stations as community assets in everyone’s mind.

2 responses to “6pm Meeting Friday to Discuss TriMet’s Adopt-a-Station Pilot Project

  1. see you all there. I hope someone besides me is going tomorrow night.

  2. Mike.Vander.Veen

    It’s a tough night since the Spirit of Portland Awards are happening the same night and East Portland has a few folks being honored.

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