Adopt-a-Station Meeting at TriMet

All interested in helping start up local station area adopt-a-station groups are welcome to a meeting 4pm this Thursday at TriMet’s Administration building (4012 SE 17th Avenue, Portland). This is the second meeting focused on starting pilot groups that will help shape the broader program. It is being convened by Shelly Lomax, TriMet Executive Director of Operations, and focused on those who want to be engaged in a local group.

The first meeting we set a goal of starting up adopt-a-station groups for the 122nd, 148th, and 162nd station communities. If you are interested in helping start a group at any station you are welcome to participate since the work will eventually impact all station communities interested in participating in the resulting program.


2 responses to “Adopt-a-Station Meeting at TriMet

  1. Now how about some kind of adopt a bus stop thing like this thing for Max, except for buses?
    Buses are still part of the transit system, too! If we’re going to try to get it for MAX, then why not for buses?

  2. Excellent thought Adri. Sounds like a great idea. The way this is working is folks that use the stations and live/work near the stations are being encouraged to come together and figure out how they’d like to make the station more of a community asset, to make it better. We’re partnered with TriMet and law enforcement to ensure that we are all on the same page as much as possible. It is essentially like forming a “Friends of This Stop”.

    It would be great if you were to start connecting with others that use the same bus stops you use as well as the folks that live and work near the stop and listen to what they are willing to do to make it a better stop. There are many, many more bus stops than MAX stations. It would be wonderful if each one was cared for by it’s users and neighbors.

    One way that TriMet has worked with the community to better stops is by partnering with local businesess to get trash cans at a stop so people have somewhere to throw their trash. TriMet supplied the can and the business agreed to empty it. Some businesses have done better than others at their end of the deal. But, it illustrates that this needs to be a long term, on-going effort that doesn’t end up looking like a beat up trash can with graffiti all over it. We’re working slow and steady to form groups that will be in it for the long haul.

    The current conversation is focused on MAX stations for a number of reasons. But, that is not stopping anyone from starting a conversation focused on bus stops. I’m a volunteer community organizer that is supporting the desire of neighbors to do something to better their neighborhood. Noone is getting paid to do this at this time. So, don’t look at this as a TriMet service that MAX users are getting and bus riders aren’t. Look at it as an opportunity for a community to use what it’s got to better itself. We started this conversation, not TriMet, because neighbors care for their neighborhood.

    Have fun getting to know others that care about the stops you use and finding way to work together to make it better. See where it takes you.

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