Summer Cleanup Series

5pm this Friday, July 15 we are meeting at the Rosewood Cafe space (162nd just south of Stark next door to the laundromat) to discuss three cleanup events. These events would be a partnership between MAXaction, Second Stories, The Rosewood Initiative, and East Portland Graffiti Cleanup. The Second Stories community development group has out of town guests that will be supporting each event as part of a service learning program. We hope to pair the excitement of these great folks with community members and get some great work done.

Here’s what is proposed:

 – Thursday, July 28, 9am to 12 noon. 15 folks with Second Stories.
Proposal: Establish event base at 162nd Avenue MAX Station area and work from there. I am connecting with Pat Gold of Allied Health Services to make sure they would be OK and perhaps help promote the event.
> – Sunday, July 31, 1pm to 4pm. 35 folks with Second Stories.
Proposal: Clean the Rosewood Cafe area (162nd between Stark and Alder) and the surrounding community. We could consider having a potluck/light lunch in the cafe space to get started.
> – Thursday August 4th, 6pm to 9pm. 25 folks with Second Stories.
Proposal: a “base camp” at the SE 122nd park and ride and work both directions along Burnside.

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