Spring Break Clean Up a Success!

Thank you to all that were able to help clean up part of our adopted territory on Saturday!

Event organizer, Kim Breckel did a wonderful job picking up the challenge of doing a Spring Break event, connecting with SOLV, contacting local property owners/managers and so much more! Kim’s comment on this post has some stats and kudos for the day.

Here’s a link to a story on the event and about MAXaction in general written by Michael Anderson of Portland Afoot with lots of pictures.


Clean ups are just one way we can work together to help make the MAX station areas more of a community asset, more welcoming, more usable, more safe, more ours. There are lot more ideas waiting to come to life – to be put into action. In particular, if you are a resident of a MAX station area or regular user, what would you like to do to make your station area more of a community asset – more of a good thing? MAXaction wants to help you make your idea happen.

All are welcome to the regular meeting at 7pm the third Friday of each month at Lifegate Baptist Church (208 SE 148th – just a block from the 148th Blue Line MAX station in East Portland). But, don’t wait to let us know what you are thinking. Make a comment here, or send a note. We want to partner with you. We want to walk your station area with you and hear your ideas.


3 responses to “Spring Break Clean Up a Success!

  1. THANK YOU ALL!!! You rock! Our clean up collected 1620lbs of mixed waste. 130lbs of recycled material and a whole lot of happy smiles. We had great weather, new neighbors wanting to be involved in future activities, and a wonderful group of committed neighbors from 6 yrs old to 60 yrs old helping to make their community a better place to live. MAXaction now owns vest, grippers and other tools for neighbors to use in future clean ups. These items can be checked out through the East Portland Neighborhood Office. Call the EPNO and leave a message for Mike Vander Veen or Tom Barnes to reserve these items. (503)823-4550 Thanks again for supporting your community by making East Portland and The Blue Line Max a cleaner and safer place.
    Kim Breckel

  2. Thanks for the invitation to attend, Mike! And to everyone for the interviews and photos.

  3. (BTW, feel free to use any of the photos you want, if they’re ever useful — they’re creative commons, so just include a credit, no need to ask.)

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