Catching Up

MAXaction is alive and as well as it’s ever been. (If you’d like to help us keep this blog more up-to-date, please let us know!) Here’s a quick update:

November 18, 2010’s Townhall Work Session produced great results that we are working to follow up on. 49 people participated. 38 had never participated in a MAXaction event before! The majority of these great neighbors were contacted during the August survey event. But, this time they chose to show up on a cold November evening to participate in bettering their neighborhood. 29 people turned in a contribution form stating how they would like to help.

We warmed down over the holidays, then on February 1st held a meeting for folks that told us they would like to take more of a leadership role as we work on forming the core group that will carry MAXaction forward. 10 folks were able to attend. We’re still forming and there’s always room for more! Priorities are are being set as we have leadership and partners willing to move forward. 

The leadership group decided to hold a general meeting on February 18 to set a regualr meeting time and further understand what people want to do and who else we should partner with. 14 people participated in the meeting held at Lifegate Baptist Church, just a half block south of the 148th MAX station. A regular meeting has been set for the third Friday of each month for 7pm at Lifegate Baptist Church (who continues to be a wonderful partner!). Discussion was started on holding a Spring Cleanup on March 19.


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