880 Survey Responses Collected – Really?

Yup! We’ve gathered 880 survey responses, 530 with contact information. Now what?

MAXaction is holding our follow up meeting on Wednesday, September 8th, at Glenfair Church (50 NE 143rd) to celebrate the awesome success we had on the 18th and determine next steps in following up.

All are welcome ā€“ bring your favorite snack to share!

By the way, Glenfair Church is host to the Glenfair Community Garden – a unique place where you can garden as the city passes you by…


One response to “880 Survey Responses Collected – Really?

  1. I believe MAX treats its users as the enemy. The attitude of the rail police is that we are all scumbags trying to ride for free. This half empty attitude makes for unfriendly relations and low ridership. Don’t even get me started on accidents and reading while driving, that’s not my point. To change things around I think there need to be conductors on the light rail that sell tickets, help the old people and babies in strollers getting off and on, help keep the peace. Trimet and MAX exist to support the community and in turn are supported by the community. Add some people in uniforms, put some humanity into the transportation experience. We certainly need more jobs opportunities. Thanks for listening.
    Robin Allie

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